Our vision is to build sustainable food ecosystem which involves both farmers and consumers. Today food is seen as a commodity and consumers are disconnected from the core fact, i.e people growing food. HOUSE OF PRAKRITI (HOP) is consciously working towards connecting consumers with food, where it is grown, how it is grown and people growing it.

HOP delivers the best produce available to you from natural and organic farming. We are working with vendors/farmers who know their food and uphold certain values that are often misplaced. Like taste, time, ecology, thrift and community. Right from the word go, we've always done things differently at HOP.

How We Got Here

HOP is started with the intention of providing naturally grown food products to the consumers. It all started with a regular and usual discussion about health and food. Chemical farming has caused a lot of damages to the health of people and also to nature. It is time we realise this and change to chemical free food to be healthy. By moving to a chemical free food we also will be contributing towards supporting farmers who are using natural farming methods and regaining soil fertility.

Our mission was to find naturally grown food which is completely chemical free and method of producing does not have any major impact on nature in terms of greenhouse gases. We came across Natural Farming methods and developed an interest in knowing more about it. Attended a few workshops and also met farmers who were practicing this method. It was surprising to hear from these farmers about stories on how they fell in debt cycle by chemical farming and now how they recovered by using Natural Farming.

This motivated us to start experimenting with Natural Farming. We have been exploring different types of natural farming methods like Subhash Palekar Natural Farming, Cow Based Natural Farming by Narayana Reddy, Permaculture, etc… Farmers are becoming self sustainable by embracing natural farming (vs. chemical farming). HoP is creating awareness about natural farming methods amongst these farmers. HoP is also enabling, empowering and expediting the adoption. And lastly, ensuring these "natural" produce reaches the consumers.

By supporting HOP, you are not only contributing towards building a "Green" food ecosystem, which is natural, healthy and nutritious, but also chemical free.


Our Message:

Air we breathe, let it be Pure

Water we drink, let it give Life

Soil we walk on, let it be abundant for Future

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